MusicMage teaches children music in a magical and fun way.


The MusicMage Learning System Overview

Children learning Music in The Magical World of Nisamere.
Children learning Music in The Magical World of Nisamere.

The Magic of Music

The MusicMage Learning System was created to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of music. The child is introduced to the wonders of music through the use of interactive games, self-discovery and progressive achievement. Instead of complicated jargons and vague explanation of what music is, the child gets to hear, feel and participate as he or she immerses into the world of the MusicMage.

Pedagogy and Technology Development

The MusicMage Learning System was developed by Immersive Play Pte Ltd after many years of concept and pedagogy design. It was also part of a Research and Collaboration Project with Nanyang Technological University’s SCE Research Team and Specialist educators in Music and Preschool learning.

eBooks and Interactive Learning
eBooks and Interactive Learning

Key Objectives of the MusicMage Learning System

Learning Through Play

 Music is a skill that needs repetitive practice which can become boring to the child. The MusicMage Learning System is designed to have the children enjoy themselves and learn through play.

Enhancing the Senses

Using traditional instruments and methods to train the child does not effectively train them to use their aural and other senses. The child has to use all their senses during the MusicMage Play Sessions. Aural, visual, and movement coordination are all incorporated with music while training the child.


 Children are born with an innate curiosity to discover the world and learn about everything around them. The Play Sessions are designed so the children discover new and wonderful things about music on their own. This develops confidence and spurs the eagerness to learn more.

Imagination & Story Telling

Imaginary and creative skills are encouraged as the child is brought into the world of the MusicMage. Activities and story-telling are weaved into home exercises so the child never feels that he or she is doing homework!

 Character Building

Children learn to work with their classmates in all MusicMage Play Sessions. Helping others so that the goals can be achieved and many other aspects of the Play Sessions help the child build up confidence and an identity of themselves.

Additional Play Material

Homework material for the child includes games that can be played on touchpads or PCs and Xylophones for playing music.


Key Components of the MusicMage Learning System

MusicMage Story, Characters and Game

Beautiful animated stories.
Beautiful animated stories.

The game is interwoven around the MusicMage story with characters and interesting creatures from the story featured in the gameplay.

The child becomes part of the story and embarks on a quest to defend and save the natural beauty in the world.


iBells (Interactive Remote Devices)


iBell Lighted! It's tougher and cuter and ready for the kids to play with.
iBell Lighted! It’s tougher and cuter and ready for the kids to play with.

The game caters for group play with each group of up to 7 children directly involved while the rest participate using traditional instruments and as part of a team. Entire class participation includes the use of Orff Instruments like Xylophones and HandBells.

The iBells are fantasy creatures that are part of the MusicMage story, coming to life in the hands of the children. Each iBell represents a music note and the children wield it to control and play the game.

Other creatures that transforms into classroom learning objects are the colour coded Xylophone and Ocarina.


Contact and Information

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